If you haven’t noticed…

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been going through and posting old class work.  Part of this is because of the way I’m rearranging my blogs, but another part is because I want to keep a record of how I’ve improved over the years.  I decided to post works from each class all in one post in order to keep things organized and to reduce the number of posts I have to transfer.  I also decided most of my sketch posts aren’t worth transferring over, so we’re just mostly going to move on from here.  I want to post some concept development for my webcomic to show how that developed, a character I recently developed, then the development of the characters I draw for the campaign I’m playing in right now.  After that we’ll be all caught up!

Oh yeah, and I need to repost the process post I did about how I approach my journal comic.

Let’s see… other news…  I moved.  My parents built a new house and are letting my husband and me live in the basement rent free.  Now we have to commute to school, but it’s saving us a bunch of money.  I graduate in April and need to start looking for a job.  Earning money would be nice.  I’ve been playing some video games, and I’d like to review them for you sometime soonish.  I started writing another novel for my writing class and have been improving by steps in my drawing for animation class with Jake Parker.  (He’s the best teacher I’ve ever had.  Seriously.)

And I got behind again on homework.  I should really go work on it now.


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